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WOAR Safe Certified Bars

How it works...

Policy written by VP Candidate: Ray Epstein

Graphic by Ben Wilcox

WOAR, or Philadelphia Center Against Sexual Violence, has certified six bars across the Philadelphia area as “WOAR Certified Safe Bars” through a specialized training program. WOAR is a nonprofit organization which offers their services and certifications completely cost-free. While six bars have been certified, Temple’s two hotspots–-Pub Webb and Maxi’s–-remain uncertified. In an effort to increase campus safety and cultivate an environment of respect, InnovateTU plans to collaborate with Student Activists Against Seuxal Assault (or SAASA) at Temple–who maintain a close pre-existing partnership with WOAR–to work with management at both establishments. 


Experienced representatives from WOAR work with bar owners and management to:

  1. Identify harassment and other inappropriate behaviors

  2. Recognize and respond to problematic and abuse behaviors by safely and effectively intervening

  3. Promote a culture of respect, safety, and support for all customers

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