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Why Eryal?

Eryal Szyszko is a third-year health professions major who was raised in Jenkintown, PA. She is also getting certified in ASL (American Sign Language). She is ecstatic at the opportunity to run for Temple University's 2023-2024 student body president alongside her running mate Ray Epstein.

She feels inspired by the resilience, courage, and strength she sees repeatedly exhibited by our student body and feel motivated to meet those ambitions with initiatives that honor their perseverance.

Eryal considers hersself to be a leader that amplifies the voices of the student body for whom she advocates. She belives that an admirable leader is one who does not strive for power, but rather one who is passionate, and finds fulfillment in representing those without a platform, preserving the integrity of their voices. 

Teamwork is essential to create an organization capable of innovation and pushing forward initiatives. She works excellently with others and is appreciative of the different insights, experiences, and perspectives that each individual brings to the table. The success of a team hinges on the ability to appreciate diversity and look from other points of view to make decisions reflective of a collaborative effort and accumulation of ideas. If elected student body president, she will be committed to these values while simultaneously supporting, listening, and facilitating progress on behalf of our school community. 

Eryal knows the struggles of being a college student firsthand. She has had to work three jobs at once as a student worker, PCA (personal care assistant), and in sales to pay rent all while balancing a college course load and making assignment deadlines. The student body needs someone who understands the struggles of being a college student, someone who can bring that perspective with them to all levels of administration. The ideas which Eryal will bring to TSG are ones she knows we will all benefit from. 

As Temple University's Student Government President, she will dedicate her time to advocating for the needs of the student body by ensuring that their voices are heard and addressed. While in office she will put forth initiatives to support the physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing of our Temple community. While developing policies to increase campus safety, she will implement initiatives to provide greater support for victims of violent crimes and other forms of harm. Students deserve to feel safe walking to and from classes and live in an environment that celebrates diversity and cultivates the comfortability required to thrive as their true selves. If elected to lead as your President, Eryal will dedicate her energy and time to putting actions behind her words and giving the student body the support that it truly deserves.

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