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Our Initiatives

Get familiar with our potential policies, and share your own ideas below. The title of each policy is linked to a deep dive page on specific initiatives. Click the links to learn more.

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Currently, the student body is not notified in an effective manner when a sexual assault is reported on campus. We will move for a system which keeps students informed of reported sexual assaults on our campus through monthly reports. Click to learn more!


We hope to implement a team of trained advocates dedicated towards assisting survivors as they navigate the multitude of policies, procedures, and resources regarding sexual violence. This may allow their main focus to be their individual, unique, and personal journey towards healing. Click to learn more!

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Currently, there is an immense gap in contact and communication between Temple Student Government and the variety of Greek councils on our campus.Thus, the creation of the “Greek Liaison” position in our future office. Click to learn more!


We all strive for a cleaner campus, but unfortunately, dog poop litters some of our most prominent community spaces. Click to see more on our clean-up initiative.



Bi-monthly roundtable meetings comprised of representatives from student organizations to discuss ways to improve Student Activities, and maximize the capacity for student organizations to effect change. Click to learn more.


InnovateTU plans to implement a trauma education program for faculty and staff in the coming school year. This will address sensitivity to mental health and sexual trauma. The Network for Victim Recovery of DC (or NVRDC)  currently offers a variety of trauma-informative workshops, some of which are free of charge. They have worked closely with University of Maryland, and often offer these workshops virtually–bridging their geographical gap between home base and Temple.  Click to learn more.

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Annual breakfast fair inviting mental health experts, sexual assault/IPV experts, and more to discuss resources around the city. Click to learn more!


This past February, Student Activists Against Sexual Assault (SAASA)–in collaboration with IFC–hosted a screening of “The Hunting Ground” for all incoming pledges. After viewing the documentary which highlights the systemic issue of sexual assaults across college campuses, pledges participated in a discussion workshop facilitated by SAASA’s staff. InnovateTU plans to cement this workshop as a permanent fixture of fraternal recruitment, in order to ensure that all new members are informed and prepared to be active bystanders in addressing the ongoing presence of sexual assault. Beyond IFC, and looking ahead, we hope to expand this workshop into a module as a key component of freshmen orientation for all incoming students. Click to learn more!



Every August when Freshman move into their new dorms for the first time they receive a care package including snacks, moisturizer and other miscellaneous items--we hope to add something of permanent value to this goodie bag. Click to learn more.


Philadelphia is facing a major opioid crisis across all demographics. Our hopes for a narcan vending machine are to make Narcan more accessible to the public, allowing for students to support each other and the surrounding Philadelphia community.  In addition to the Narcan vending machine, we plan to make fentanyl testing strips available. Click to learn more.

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WOAR, or Philadelphia Center Against Sexual Violence, has certified six bars across the Philadelphia area as “WOAR Certified Safe Bars” through a specialized training program. Temple’s two hotspots–-Pub Webb and Maxi’s–-remain uncertified. In an effort to increase campus safety and cultivate an environment of respect, InnovateTU plans to collaborate with Student Activists Against Sexual Assault (or SAASA). Click to learn more!


InnovateTU hopes to implement student organization ‘accessibility officers’ to ensure that all events, advertisements, and preliminary accessibility measures are taken to ensure more inclusivity and to individuals with disabilities. Accessibility is a topic that is usually limited to education and academics; we stand by the belief that everyone should receive the equal right and opportunity to have this conversation continue into our social lives as well. 

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