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Breakfast Buffet

Temple will host an annual breakfast fair, inviting mental health experts, sexual assault/IPV experts, and more to discuss resources around the city; this will allow students to visualize all of the dispersed resources in one place, buffet style.

Breaking down the buffet...

Policy written by Chief of Comms: Louis De Pede

Temple University–as well as the city of Philadelphia–boast many resources, organizations, and experts working in the fields of sexual violence and mental health. However, students often find it difficult to navigate these networks. 


It can feel overwhelming and confusing at times, especially when students have to drift from resource to resource without getting the proper attention and help they need in one place. 


What if there was a better way to help students navigate this network? What if there was a way to connect these organizations together? 


Introducing the annual Buffet Breakfast. This breakfast fair will bring together mental health, sexual assault/IPV experts, and more to discuss all of the resources that Temple and Philadelphia have to offer. 


Our vision is to invite organizations such as Title IX, WOAR, Tuttleman Counseling Services, Wellness Resource Center, PSARC, SAASA, where each will prepare a presentation explaining the different kinds of resources they have available. All the resources will be in one room, where students can see buffet style what appeals to them personally.


Through this unified effort these different organizations will also be in a unique position to foster and build relationships as well as collaborate in the future. This will lead to a more holistic solution to tackle campus sexual violence, connect students to valuable resources and forge relationships between organizations who can accomplish infinitely more when working together.

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