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The Greek Liaison

How it works...

Policy written by  VP Candidate: Ray Epstein & Chief of Comms: Louis De Pede

Currently, there is an immense gap in contact and communication between Temple Student Government and the variety of Greek councils on our campus. Greek Life accounts for approximately 1,800 students. After meeting with several fraternities on campus, InnovateTU has cemented their suspicions that Greek members feel their voices are underrepresented in student affairs.


Within the four Greek Councils at Temple University, there is leadership, however, that leadership is not represented when discussing initiatives and plans for the student body within TSG. Thus, the creation of the “Greek Liaison” position in our future office.


We will set out to include Greek Life in conversations of policy, concern, and reform. The Greek Liaison will be in charge of communication between their respective Greek Council (one of four: IFC, CPH, NPHC, MGC) and TSG. 


The position will be involve the following action items:

  1. Attend weekly team meetings, just as any TSG director position would

  2.  Responsibility for helping to shape and research critical conversation topics

  3. Voicing the concerns and ideas of their respective Greek Councils

  4.  Attend their respective Greek Council leadership meetings

  5. Responsible for informing TSG leadership of any infractions committed within Greek Life inside of their respective systems

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