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Harm Reduction

How it works...

Policy written by Campaign Manager: Emma Kelly

Philadelphia is facing a major opioid crisis across all demographics. This is evident in recent reports from Philadelphia stating that “In 2021, Philadelphia reported the highest number of unintentional overdose deaths on record, with 1,276 fatalities, a 5% increase from 2020”. This rising epidemic is one that also affects the Temple student population. Drawing inspiration from a pre-existing machine in West Philly, our hopes for a Narcan vending machine are to make Narcan more accessible to the public, help students participate in harm reduction, and allow for students to support each other and the surrounding Philadelphia community. 

In addition to the Narcan vending machine, we plan to make fentanyl testing strips available to the Temple student body and public. As described by the CDC, these testing strips allow people who use drugs to detect if there is fentanyl, which can be deadly, in their drug supply. These fentanyl testing strips would include a card with the steps on how to use the strips, and what the results mean.These testing strips allow the student body and the public to participate in harm reduction and do their part in combating Philadelphia’s opioid crisis.

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